Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love at First Shot

Brownie Hawkeye. It was my first camera.  My mom handed it to me and said I could use it. I asked if I could have it -- to keep. She said sure - as long as I took the family pictures. I remember the feeling of pride of having something so important for my very own.

The idea of freezing and preserving a moment in time for all eternity was fascinating to me. What potential! What endless possibilities! It is still so vivid -- the memory of awkwardly threading that large film  onto the spool. The anticipation of  the first shot ... The agony of the wait - waiting to get my developed photos in the mail.

The first roll of film I shot was of my family ... my siblings made willing models. When I look at those first few blurry images I took (and preserved under a film of plastic) I remember the feeling I had taking them ... pure joy in motion. Since then my camera has pretty much accompanied me whereever I go. I kept my promise and took most of the family pictures throughout my life.

I am not a technically accomplished photogragher; I lack polish, skill and talent. What I do have is an eye for angles, for that which others may not notice, nor find worthy of a shot. I have passion and a desire to express myself.

From the first time I depressed the shutter, I knew I was on to something big. Photography and me ... friends for life. Love at first shot.


  1. Have you a collection of cameras now, I wonder, or do you work on a 'one at a time' basis, and pass on the outmoded ones? Or am I kidding?!

  2. All the photos I've saw via blog that you've taken have been quite good. ;)

    PS - For all your talk about how my blog has taken off you've completely ignored the fact that yours is growing substantially too! 31 followers and counting! :) It makes me happy to see that number growing. We could all do well to take some notes from you. ;)

  3. Actually I get very attached to my cameras but usually - just as I find a new one I want - someone else comes along with a need for my old one. So they find good homes. I am at a point in my life where I try to shed instead of accumulate. Kept a soft spot for that Brownie though ...


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