Saturday, September 26, 2009

Options Unlimited

The time has come - my youngest is getting ready to leap from the nest, in search of higher learning. But first she has to pick a university. We made our way into the city today for the university fair. No cotton candy and ferris wheels here - just thousands of young faces and endless exhibits and "ambassadors" from every  university in the province. Kidlet was feeling under the weather today but she felt is was too important to miss.

First of all - it was completely overwhelming. The sheer number of people and  ... choices. We made a short list of schools we wanted to check out and set off ... me with camera and notepad in hand and Kidlet - with her questions, fears and dreams. As I watched her confidently stroll up to the representatives, smile and launch into conversation - face awash with excitement and eyes wide with optimism - I could feel it rising within ... it started in my tummy and swelled up into my throat. My eyes instantly filled and a rogue tear leaked out. I was verklempt! Out of control. And I wasn't sure why.

I have always told Kidlet that our higher power works through people ... messengers. And every once in a while you have one of those special encounters that makes us pay attention. We had one of those encounters. An older gentleman, head of a humanitities program at one of the universities looked right into Kidlet's eyes and asked her if she wanted to study humanities or give to humanity.  She answered the latter. He snatched the brochure out of her hand and told her his program was not for her. As he explained God's blessing to Kidlet - that he wanted only the right thing for her so she could be happy and contribute her best, his eyes were serene and we became acutely aware that for this flutter in time, we were communing as spiritual beings. Then- another swell of emotion. My throat tightened and I couldn't speak. So I left them chatting and I took pictures.

What joy to see Kidlet getting excited about living in residence, playing university sports and studying abroad. My last chicklet is on the cusp of adulthood. And it happened so fast. Life is a blur and there are times we have to freeze frame and savour the moment. Today I tried to do that. We had a good day together, Kidlet and I. Unlimited options and endless possibilities; she has important decisions to make. And I made mine -- to freeze frame today!

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  1. Reading your post brought a tear to my eye too!


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