Sunday, September 27, 2009

Work Trip

I am off for a few days to one of our maritime provinces to work a trade show. I am anxious to see how far along they are in fall -- if their leaves are changing already. I am looking forward to a steaming bowl of chowder and a walk by the water. Hopefully I can squeeze in a few scenic shots.

There will be a few long days but mostly I will enjoy flying in a plane, inhaling a deep breath of fresh maritime air and appreciating a brief change of scenery. Who knew work could be so fun!


  1. The leaves have definitely started changing in the Maritimes! Depends on which province you are going to of course... but the colours have started to appear. Enjoy :)

  2. Enjoy! Even brief work time away is a nice break to everyday life :)

  3. Have a lovely trip Lyn, I'll catch up here with your posts i've missed!

  4. Have a wonderful trip! Looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.


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