Sunday, November 22, 2009

FAB Day in Every Way

Girls are FAB - that was the message today .... Pretty Sister was my date today to the charity event that my other two close amigos are involved in ... FAB Foundation. FAB - Fit, Active, Beautiful - has a mission to boost the self esteem and confidence of girls aged 11-13 years; they have started with a running program that encourages team building and goal setting/achieving.

The afternoon was billed as a ladies only luncheon and silent auction.  Known for my brawny athleticism (NOT) and love of food (YES), throw in a cause - and it was a no brainer!We arrived to a room abuzz with the chatter and laughter of women - a diverse, eclectic group of ladies - some groovin to the live Beatles Tribute band, some greeting one another with open arms, hugs and kisses and others just enjoying the electric vibe (akin to a big pajama party - without Twister).

Women like to help other girls and women. We get it - we've been there. We're daughters and many of us have daughters. We know the struggles with "self"  and  we also know that confidence and sound self esteem is paramount to being a happy, healthy girl ... and woman.

OK - there were a few men there -- some firefighters (fully clothed) posing for pictures with the ladies (in the name of charity), signing their calendars. Personally I found this to be out of place for the nature of the foundation,  but we had to laugh at how the dynamic of the room changes when men are present -- how women act. The ladies clearly enjoyed the presence of the firefighters and from what I could see, it was successful in raising money. I thought it would be more powerful to have the often overlooked female fighterfighters there representing "possibilities".

But who am I to find fault? The foundation has a noble mission and the founder is  clearly passionate about making the lives of these impressionable young girls better, and helping prepare them for the future. Bravo ladies! You warmed my heart and made me proud that I am your friend. You really are FAB.  Me? Fit, active, beautiful ... one out of three ain't bad!   *grin*


  1. That is fantastic Lyn. You are so kind to help with this program. I am in awe with all you do. The women for women, your child sponsorship, it's all really lovely.
    take good care.

  2. Lori Ann: I support alot of things but I don't do anything -- not yet anyway. I am trying to find that one special cause that connects with me, that I can bring something meaningful to the table. Today's event was me supporting my pals in their efforts.

  3. This sounds amazing... great to hear of something to help the young girls of today to keep on feeling and being FA and B! I'm sure you are all 3, yourself :)

  4. Totally agree with the title line. YOU ARE FAB !

  5. I really enjoy foundations and organizations that's mission is to build self-esteem and confidence. I don't think in this world there are enough people to help the younger generation of women (or men for that matter). Many come from broken homes, abusive homes, and from homes where the parents are relatively non existent. I think it's great you're involved in changing the lives of the generation to follow, there is definitely a need for people like you.

  6. Lyn, I actually thought about MaDM when I read this post earlier today. :) It's just a fantastic program! Perfectly acceptable for the Mcklinky, no worries.


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