Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Signs

With the Halloween pumpkin barely starting to rot, retailers have kick started the Christmas campaign. Today at work my friend and I took a lunch time walk to get some fresh air and rack up some much needed steps (on that pedometer I forgot at home today). We opted for the German deli just a short walk from our office. There was the store window all decked out in Christmas finery ... stuffed animals, garland, life sized wooden toy soldiers, and of course loads of chocolate wrapped in shiny foil packages.

We strolled through the aisles chatting and pausing at every "samples" display to taste the delectables - chicken and mango sausage, bear paw strudel, fresh onion and herb cream cheese, marble cake, rye bread and brie cheese. Who needed lunch!

With the festive decorations and pre-wrapped treasures stacked  about the store, I felt as though I was in the belly of Christmas. And it managed to ignite the embers of the season's spirit in me. While the thought of Christmas being a mere 2 months ago terrifies me, it also excites me. Lots to look forward to in the upcoming few months. Always something wonderful to look forward to  ...

So today brought me the first signs of Christmas ... what a gift!


  1. Lyn,
    I love your blog, I've just now caught up again, I don't blog everyday, or even every other day, but I do love finding out what you've been up to!
    Happy birthday to your daughter, how sweet was your post.

    your pedometer, good luck, it sounds fun!
    and christmas, i try to make most gifts so i do have to think about it a bit earlier. When the decorations start appearing though, i begin to get nervous, i know i don't have much time left!

  2. Oh, I love Christmas! I'm already excited for it. I don't think I ever stop being excited actually. As soon as it's over I'm ready for it again. :)

  3. I love Christmas too. When I see the decorations out in the stores it gives me such a warm, cozy feeling. What a great time of year! And a German deli down the street from your office sounds great!

  4. Lyn,

    Oh, yes!!!! These are my favorite months of the year!!!! What a lovely post!!! Wish I could have strolled along with you...but reading your blog is the next best thing!! ~Janine OX

  5. I too love Christmas - we were talking about out tree tonight :) I try to get the shopping part done early (I'm late this year) in a relaxed and very conscious way so that from early November on we can enjoy the "want to's" and not be distracted by the "ought to's"


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