Friday, November 13, 2009

Scenes from the Mall

Christmas is just over a month away. And a visit to the mall confirmed it! Special deals, Christmas glitter and the festive music of the season assault the senses the minute you step through the entrance. But for now it's all new and I am not yet season-weary, so I happily soaked it all in. Like most, Christmas is a special time of year, laden with rich memories.

In the US I think Thanksgiving kicks off the Christmas season ... but for me, I start gearing up after my eldest daughter's birthday. That birthday is tomorrow. Another reason to celebrate; another reason for a famjam; and another blessing to count.

Couldn't help but smile at the display of retro products - had to snap a shot to share.

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  1. Happy Almost-Birthday to your daughter!! :) You're most certainly right, Thanksgiving is the doorway to Christmas here in the states. We're all beginning to catch the holiday spirit fever. ;)


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