Tuesday, November 10, 2009

View from the Cube

We thought we could smell something burning - wires or something - and when I called reception to see if anyone else was complaining, I was told that a house near our office was on fire. I pulled my blinds open - I usually keep them down to block the view of the alley and parking garage (and the visitors that go along with it). I had a prime view of the burning roof right from my cube. It was fascinating to watch the firefighters in action. Good news was no one was hurt.

Some days, the view from the cube is more interesting than others - and today the view was interesting ...


  1. Yikes! i hope everyone got out safely.The smell of smoke always scares me.

    Your previous post was so funny, those pink panties! I also loved your autumn posts Lyn, beautiful photos!

  2. Some action shots, you caught there! What a drama. Glad nobody was hurt.

  3. Dear me, somebody was not having a good day! I'll bet it was a nice break from the monotony of office work though. ;) Quite amazing photos too!


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