Thursday, December 17, 2009


We had a hypnotist at our workplace Christmas luncheon today. He was the entertainment. He managed to coax 6  volunteers he needed for the show from the audience (although he wanted 12). Most people were reluctant - me included.

It was fascinating to watch my coworkers respond to the hypnotist's every suggestion - no matter how silly. He had them pulling at their clothes and wiping "sweat" at his suggestion that temperatures were soaring into the high 30's (Celsius). Then he had them falling in love with the first person they laid eyes on so they could slow dance. Of course we in the audience were laughing hysterically at the sight.

But it occurred to me how incredible it would be if it were only that simple - to suggest a positive thought and have people respond so enthusiastically. So many things would be different. We would all be kinder to one another. We could have our hearts opened to and seek the goodness around us. If we started each work day with a suggestion that it was going to be a wonderfully fulfilling, productive day - it would surely become one! So we think - so we shall be. Positive affirmations have the same effect ... but some struggle with the concept. The hypnotist - in a few short minutes had the volunteers reacting and responding to his every comment.
Right thinking begins with the words we say to ourselves.

- James Allen, As a Man Thinketh
I was taught at an early age to program myself with positive thoughts and imagery. I have an internal conversation with myself every day, and when I need it most ... my mother taught me to rephrase my words and wishes from "I want to be" or "I wish"  to "I am ..." . She explained that at first it may not be true at that moment but that if I kept affirming my desires and goals, they would eventually become a reality. The power of suggestion and affirmation are powerful practices and they work both ways (positively and negatively). Channelling energy into destructive thoughts become self fulfilling, so they have to be kept in check.

It works. Maybe not as quickly as a hypnotist ... but it works. Something to keep in mind when making up my "resolutions" for the new year. A list of affirmations of the version of myself that I know I can be - that I am - in the present tense:

> I give more than I get.
> I am generous.
> I am healthy and strong.  etc. etc. etc.

I am hopeful and optimistic - and affirmative!


  1. How fun! I can't say my work has near as fun entertainment at lunch events. I'm like you though, I would have much rather sat on the sideline than participate.

    I love all the reminders you dish out- sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the negative talk of others around you. Yet, it'd be so easy to stop it all by speaking some positive affirmation. Tomorrow, I'm going to try your method.


  2. Being in the moment, being positive this is a good place to live. I love the Sanskrit quote, which is also found in other religions in some form or another...
    'Whilst we are remembering yesterday, and dreaming about tomorrow, life is happening RIGHT NOW! '
    Works for me.

  3. How about this one 'I am, therefore I can!' Wraps everything up in one little phrase! lol :)

  4. Wow - you have some brave co-workers!! I would be so nervous to be hypnotized in front of everyone. It must have been fun though. And I agree with positive affirmations. I always give talks to myself and it's so helpful.

  5. I like your use of the quote by James Allen. If you haven't read any of his other works, you may enjoy them. His complete collection of writing is here:

  6. I'm with you on the connecting with the positive. I feel so sorry for people who only see the bad in life. I also avoid those people.


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