Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eve of Ready or Not

Christmas Eve - the start of something wonderful.

The "kids" are in bed as I make this Christmas Eve post that I was determined to write. We had our family evening at my beloved in-laws and my MIH (AKA Mrs Christmas) had her place done up like a magical kingdom - everything sparkled in white and silver. Hubby's family is somewhat smaller than mine so it is usually a little quieter. Not tonight though. Lots of laughter and fun in the air ... just like we all hope the season to be.

The fridge is bursting - and the front foyer is catching the overflow. The wine is chilling on the back stoop (yay for sub zero temps). Stuffing bread is in pieces, drying out. The 26 pound turkey is languishing in the water filled sink to rid the last bits of frozen. The stockings are filled to overflowing. The breakfast platters are prepared and the coffee is set for morning. Best of all, the bedrooms are all filled tonight. My babies are home.

And for the first time all day - I am taking just a moment for myself to soak it all in. There is something magical about Christmas Eve that I cannot describe. Peace and anticipation. The calm before the crazy fun chaos of the morn.

But I am ready and armed with rum and eggnog. Bring it on!


  1. Which comes first, I wonder - rum and egg nog or coffee?! All the best for 2010, Blogpal...

  2. You and I are twins Lyn at least over Christmas stuff.
    I think Christmas Eve is possibly the best day of the year for just feeling content with family around, the food ready to be cooked, the presents under the tree.
    And now it's Boxing Day ( as we call it over here) and the world is as flat as a pancake.... but hey there's always next year!
    Have a wonderful rest of the holidays.


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