Monday, December 21, 2009

Rolling on in

Peace is restored! The festivities are well under way and it feels just the way it should with only a few days until Christmas (even if that means a little chaos tossed in for flavour). We have already had our first turkey dinner (but who's counting) and family gathering. Hubby's family got the ball rolling. Friends tonight, work colleagues tomorrow (I think I just popped a button) ... then the kids ...and sibs ... YUP! The Christmas snow ball is big and in motion - rolling right on through.  Unstoppable - and for that I am truly grateful!


  1. That's a beautiful picture, Lyn!

  2. Dear Lyn,
    it has been such a pleasure to catch up with your posts, i found myself nodding, smiling, sighing over all...your daughter, the cold(i can't imagine), family, christmas...
    I hope you have a truly wonderful Christmas, you are a lovely person and I'm so glad to know you.
    xo lori

  3. Let the festivities begin!! I love the photo - so beautiful. Have a great holiday - you're in my thoughts.


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