Sunday, February 14, 2010

Caught Up

Can you tell I am totally caught up in the Olympic frenzy? When it comes to pride of country, we Canadians lean to the reserved side of things ... deep inner national pride that is a sparkle in our eyes - expressed in polite smiles and occasional measured bursts of applause and cheers. We are generally a hospitable bunch, and hosting the Olympics seems to have uncapped our passion. The Olympics has liberated us and unleashed a tidal wave of excitement and Canadian pride -- pride in our inspiring young athletes and pride in this grand country of ours. We are seeing our majestic land through the eyes of the world and we love what we see.

Tonight was a milestone for Canada with the very first Gold medal being earned by a Canadian  on home soil. It was monumental. It was moving. And when Alex Bilodeau was being interviewed after his achievement, he couldn't talk about his teammates, family and supporters enough. He gently contained his tears as he expressed his gratitude and acknowledged his older brother stricken with CP as his inspiration. He was humble in his greatness.

And I am thoroughly enjoying this wave of national unity we are riding. Dare I say it ... Go Canada Go!

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  1. I am an American, but I rejoice for Canada on this one!


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