Sunday, February 28, 2010

Faux Spring

Trickling streams of melting snow
Reflective puddles and overflowing downspouts
Saturated green, spongy grass
Canada geese flying  in deep formation
Overdressed dog walkers
Beachcombers scouring rocky shores
Couples strolling hand in hand,
Strollers, toddlers, joggers and cyclists.

Trickling streams of melting snow
Waves rolling ashore
Babies crying
Dogs barking
Geese honking
Stones skipping
Cheerful chatting
Birds chirping.

Smells and Sensations
Sun warming my face
Musty dampness off the lake
Deep breaths of fresh and sweetness
Puddle jumping madness
Sloppy, soupy boots
Walking a little lighter
Cause everything seems possible
A springtime dress rehearsal.

All of this today - on the last day of February. Can you believe it?


  1. And here on the 1st March the sun has shone all day, although it's chilly.
    It's coming ever closer that blessed unfurling of everything green.

  2. Overdressed dog walkers :), i liked this line.


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