Monday, February 1, 2010

Fresh Start

Today is the first day of a brand new month, and a brand new week. I love when things align to give us a fresh start. Looking back on January, it was a month of contrasts for me. Emotions ran the gammit. I had my heart lifted and horizons expanded by the books I read and by hearing Greg Mortenson deliver just the inspirational dialogue that I needed at that exact time. Personally I had moments of transformation and self actualization.

Then Haiti happened - a disaster of monumental proportion - and I joined the world in collective horror as we witnessed the horrific images on the news and blogs.

Hopeless soon turned hopeful as the crisis brought out the best in humankind. Finally it looks as though the efforts of volunteers, workers and organizations are making an impact. With optimism restored I renewed my personal commitment to play my part - contribute more - heart, mind, body and money - to creating the world we want to thrive in.

So ... January was an emotional blockbuster. Looking ahead to February, it looks like it may have its share of surprises and "moments". Family will take centre stage with the plethora of birthdays and famjams planned, and Africa will draw that much closer.

[Side note: I watched "I Dreamed of Africa" (again) on the weekend and I was sure it was run just for me ... it pressed my excitement cycle and I was beside myself with anticipation. I lost myself in the breathtaking beauty of Kenya - so thrilled knowing I would soon see it for myself.]

I guess every day is a fresh start ... and that my friends is the gift in today. And for that I am so very grateful.


  1. I was inspired by this. Check out the Africa donation. It went up $25 bucks. Dream the dream awake dear lady, you are doing a great job so far...xo Sue ox

  2. Thank you my dear friend. I can't tell you what your support means to me. I work with the most awesome people!

  3. Happy February Lyn!! I love the beginning of months - it's like a fresh chapter in our lives. I'm so excited for your trip to Kenya - it's like I'm going too! You are an amazing person - I hope you know that.

  4. Hoorah! for more donations! :)

    I wish I could do something more to help... :( Sadly, I'm the typical broke college student these days. Lol.

    And I'm in agreement with you. I love the start of each new month. The way it signals new possibility. :) [Plus, it doesn't hurt that each one brings me closer to Europe...]


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