Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just Say It Outloud

 I love you. Those are the sweetest words to hear, and even better, so special to feel. Love is a verb -- an action word if there ever was one. Love is something we do. But I never tire of hearing those words delivered to me ... no wrapping and fancy bow required.

The words, spoken sincerely, are powerful. They can heal a bruised soul, uplift a sagging spirit, and send a surge of warmth to every extremity. They can endear, comfort and illicit reciprocation, I love you too.

So today on Valentine's Day, I say I love you -- to my sweetheart, and also my friends and family far and near. Because it's something we all love to hear. 

I love you -
say it now, say it often,
today and every day.

Muah! XXOO


  1. you're exactly right- those are three of the most beautiful words.

    Hope you enjoyed your day of love.

  2. Aah! I love your way of thinking! Love Rules OK.x

  3. Love it, love it love, and love you as a friend and communications diva xo Sue ox

  4. It's amazing how much those words can cut through any exterior. Powerful indeed.

  5. they are beautiful, aren't they?

    thanks so much for stopping by my necessary room. it's so nice to meet you.

    one love.


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