Sunday, February 21, 2010

Let the Sunshine In

The sun is shining high and brilliantly in the sky ... a sight that has escaped us for some time now. The muted hues of grey and blue have made way for glistening, brightening, sunshine and deep blue skies. A sunny Sunday! It's funny how this weather - even with the chill in the air - is a fast acting tonic for my spirit. Everyone seems to be happier -- the smiles at the market were a little wider; patrons a little kinder; and even Fritz seemed to prance a little higher when I took him for his walk. I confess I may have hummed a verse or two of Sunshine on My Shoulders ... but only in my head.

The sunshine has recharged my "optimism" and "cheerfullness" cells and I feel rejuvenated and ready to face my week. Once I make a Sunday dinner of comfort food and solve the missing socks mystery -- I'll be off to the races.

Wishing everyone a perfectly upbeat and happy week - make it happen!


  1. A true sunshine photo today - just what I need, thanks!

  2. i adore this simply yet stunning.

    thanks for brightening my day
    (and thanks for stopping by my necessary room).

    one love.


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