Monday, February 8, 2010

Living the Life

I am hooked on a television show ... The Buried Life. It documents four strapping young fellas as they travel around in their big blue bus and pursue their collective bucket list ... 100  things they want to do before they die. The neat twist is that for every for every item they cross off their list, they help someone else achieve one of their dreams.

What a concept - living like we don't  have time to waste, pursuing our dreams. Tonight's episode had them helping deliver a baby (from their list) and then helping a young woman visit her mother's grave for the first time (a plane ride away). The boys worked in a restaurant to earn the money to pay for her flight and then went with her to the military cemetary to actually locate the grave. It makes for great television and gives you lots to ponder.

My list would be long for sure ... and would include:
  • see an elephant in its natural habitat
  • watch the sun rise in the Yukon territories (only Canadian province/territory I haven't been to)
  • witness a birth of a baby who is related to me
  • hold the hand of a mother from a distant land
  • experience the dazzle of the Northern Lights with someone I love
  • learn to sail
  • write a love song
  • have a photo I have taken - published
  • build a school in Africa
I could go on and on ...

What would be on your list? What do you want to do before you die?


  1. Oh Lyn that does sound like a good show. I've not seen television in years but i think i would be interested in that.
    your bucket list sounds exciting and i think you'll be able to tick several of your wishes off on your trip to africa this year.
    i think everytime i check something off my list i add something else, it'll never end!
    out of all the wonderful things i've done though i have to say witnessing the birth of my two grandbabies was at the very top. i hope that happens for you too. i'll never be able to describe it. life changing for sure.

  2. Hi Lyn ... count me in for learning to sail and building a school in Africa - 2 things on my own list :)


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