Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's surreal. The same day we were waving flags, mesmerized by the Olympics opening ceremonies and revelling in patriotism, on the other side of the world the casket of a young soldier was being draped in the flag for his long journey home.  He made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, his service embodying the Canadian spirit.

Faces to names of soldiers serving in far away places ... we see them in the paper and flashed up on the news as they announce their deaths, and if it weren't for that, I am not sure we would think of them at all.

Life goes on for us, undisturbed, barely a ripple as our troops peace keep, protect and rebuild in foreign, hostile lands. Canada has sacrificed 140 lives to Afghanistan,  so many of them young, their potential unfulfilled. And then there are the families and loved ones whose last thoughts at day's end are of their soldier or medic - silent pleading prayers for their safe return.

I've been applauding the valiant efforts of our athletes this past week. So in keeping with the Canadian fever sweeping our nation, I want to salute our valiant patriots -- those living the commitment, battling their fears and demons to fulfill a vision for a better future -- the men and women serving our country and our world of nations. We have not forgotten you. Peace be with you always.


  1. Over here the dead soldiers come back to a milatry airport and then are driven through a town called Wootten Bassett on their way home. Every time a soldier passes through the town comes to a halt as people stop to pay their respects. It is becoming a place of pilgrimage almost.

  2. Lyn, I am so glad there are people in the world like you who don't forget that while we may be comfortable at home there is always someone fighting elsewhere so that we can be. My thoughts go out to the soldiers of Canada fighting every bit as bravely for freedom as those of my own country. May God bless them.


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