Friday, February 5, 2010

Sister, Sister, Sister

Sisters, sisters, there were never more devoted sisters ...
(If you recognize the words to that song you are dating yourself -- and you like musicals!)

Sisters ... I have two of them and this weekend is going to be all about sisters. Youngest sister and I are heading out of town to see our far-away sister to celebrate her birthday. February 9th is a big birthday date in our family. I had Kidlet, youngest sister had a son, and my mom had far away sister - all on February 9. So because youngest sister and I are usually preoccupied with our children's birthdays, we don't often get an opportunity to celebrate far away sister's birthday with her. This year will be different.

Youngest sister and I will  have some good talk time in the four hour car ride over to our nation's capital. And if I am really lucky, I'll get a dose of the white stuff -- we haven't had much to speak of.

So - far away sister, here we come! You can look at youngest sister and bemoan the loss of your youth and then you can look at me and be comforted that you still have a ways to go . ; )

You'll always be younger ... and older. But that is the blessing and curse of being the middle sister.

Sisters ... there's nothing quite as special as the relationship I have with my sisters -- and for that, I am so very grateful.


  1. Have a lovely time with your sisters. I agree they are super special, well I think my little sis is anyway.That is when she isn't aggravating me!

  2. Hope you enjoy your sister weekend - my sister's birthday is Feb 9th as well but I won't get to see her this year as I'm away at uni, so she'll just have to settle for a card and pressie in the post and a phone call :(

  3. Sisters, Sisters, Sisters. What would I do without my Sisters?
    The ones who cheer me on, the ones who giggle at my corny humour, the ones who listen to me mumble and grumble. They are my cheerleaders, my critics, my supporters and my reminder that Mom lives in each of us.
    I love you both for the best birthday I have had in years.
    47... Bring it on : )
    Thank you ladies.
    oxox Darlene -
    "daughter #2" of 3 sisters.

  4. I love White Christmas!!! I watched it at least three times this holiday season (and I'm not even 30 yet...).

    I have great sisters myself (one of which has a bday on 10 Feb!). They are truly wonderful. Glad you get to celebrate with yours.

    PS. We got 30 inches of snow, want some of ours????


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