Monday, February 22, 2010

Snowed Under

Kept my head down at work pretty much the whole day ... my cubemates and I are on the final countdown to a big event we have been planning for almost 2 years so the office was unusually devoid of idle chatter and laughter. Mostly the sounds of frantic tapping on keyboards, the occasional heavy sigh (I sigh the stress out of my body), a growl and snort or two and handsets returned to the cradle a little firmer than usual.

Lunch came and went and I heard comments about the weather but didn't take much notice. I didn't even raise my blinds today ... actually, I don't raise them anyday - the alley view is simply not inspiring nor aesthetically pleasing.

The sun was setting by the time I left the building with the few last employees, and I walked out into a winter wonderland. The trees were draped in the white stuff and the car was buried. My coworkers and I tossed a few snowballs in the parking lot as we scraped our cars clean. Snow has a way of bringing out the playfulness in us and since we really haven't had a substantial snowfall yet this winter ... it was a nice surprise.

Even though the weather made the drive home twice as long after a long day, it was somehow peaceful. I hummed to my favourite tunes as the wipers kept time, and reflected how it had been a day in which - in more than a few ways -  I was snowed under.

I better borrow hubby's shovel. And on a final note, I am off to bed after watching Canada's ice dancers Scott Moir and Tessa Virture stand on the podium to receive the Gold medal. A winning end to a full day. 'Nite.


  1. I would happily ship you some of Kentucky's snow next time you're missing it. Lol.

  2. Oh and you can certainly have mine if you're getting short!
    Glad someone is enjoying it, as I'm sure as hellnot.


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