Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chill After the Bill

Americans fnally passed some significant legislation regarding heatlhcare reform. Yay! It's nothing too radical but it's a start. And compared to our "free" Canadian universal heathcare system, the changes are minor.

But when I watched the news reports of the reactions of those who are firmly opposed to the healthcare reform bill - the violent language, threats and actions - I was shocked. Fear is ramped and sorely misplaced.

I am a huge proponent of free speech and peaceful protest - I have fully exercised this right - but the scenes of vandalism and raging anger both sadden and disappoint me. There is no justification for violence of any kind, certainly not to settle disputes or differing opinions.

Disagree. Vote them off the island. Protest. Sign a petition. Write letters to the paper and post your opinions on blogs. Tweet your discontentment to your hearts content. But keep it clean, civilized and peaceful.

I heard a right wing racist "patriot" on the freedom radio channel advocating people to rise up, form neighbourhood fire teams and look to their arsenals to challenge this government. Ironic -- if anyone gets wounded, they may not be able to afford the medical attention they'll need.

Chill. Lose the fear. Open your minds. Try something new. You may just find that the changes are good for your country. And for some perspective, consider the firestorms of famine, war, disease and oppression raging around the planet - and decide if  pehaps the collective reaction is an over reaction.

If caring for the weakest, sickest and neediest members of society brands us (Canada) socialist, then I  proudly wear that label as a badge of honour.


  1. I desperately hope we finally move towards a more Canadian-esque health care system. Gamma and myself are uninsured, and it's a scary feeling.

  2. I think what is even more scary than any redneck uprising is the cynical use of those same rednecks to rise up by the republicans/insurance companies or anyone else who has a vested interest in keeping their way safe.
    It amazes me the level of ignorance banded about in the course of this legislation to protect the so called rights of the few.
    Considering the USA is a super power it does have more than it's share of super ignornace.
    Of course all the systems that the Republicans disparage have their faults, but the principal of care when needed is adhered to which t a lot of peoplejust don't get in the US.
    I'll get off my soapbox now!

  3. mandy is right, ignorance seem to be the governing factor here. that and greed. i don't know what this bill passing will mean as it trickles down to us, we shall see.

  4. One thing that gives me hope for Americans is that the Republican stronghold is loosening. New voters are "choosing" their own politics more and more over just staying with generations of the family status quo.

    If ever there was a time to see shades of grey ~ one might expect health care to be the ticket. It is sad that people can define themselves so rigidly as both capitalist and Christians ~ embracing the one and disregarding the other as it suits their pocket book. Or fear mongering that their "universal" health care might be benefiting the slave trade (immigrant workers) on which their country has had a history of building itself on.

    With that said, I also believe that a health care system that focuses on sickness only breeds sickness. I want health care for health and wellness ~ not death and dying.

    Thanks for sparking me, Lyn!


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