Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Put It In Writing

He got it! Today my blogger dad Polar Bear saw his words on the printed page, in a book for the first time. As a birthday surprise I made the first six months of his blog posts into a hardcover book. My life long learner Pops took up blogging last May. I initially established a blog for him as a way to feed  his writing habit and buy some time as I worked on organizing the stack of  pages of his memoir that he had churned out.

I've written about my one of a kind dad here before ... just click on the label "father" in my sidebar. To say he has lead a rich life is a gross understatement. The man lives every day as a cyclone of curiousity, energy, and adventure. His passion for life and living is unmatched by anyone else I know.

In the past few years he has been diligently writing about his childhood, his experiences, his life lessons. When he jumped at the suggestion of blogging, I had to chuckle. I wasn't sure what the blogosphere would be in for. As it turns out, his Peering Through a Porthole is a hit. He has visitors from all over the globe and not just family members either! It's no surprise he has embraced the medium with the same enthusiasm he seizes all new ventures. So in lieu of me properly editing his first draft (memoirs), I set up his blog book and had it shipped to his Florida snowbird nest. I couldn't wait for him to see the results of his sharing.

The pay off was his email today:
I am thriled to actually see my writing in a book form. It is way nicer than I could imagine ...  I am so happy with the gift. Love and appreciation. Polar Bear.
You're welcome Pops. It's the fruit of your labour. You put it in writing - I just put it between covers.

[Photo credit: Theresa , Mrs Polar Bear]


  1. You are, quite possibly, the best daughter ever. I would be blown away if I ever got a gift like that.

  2. Lyn,
    What an incredibly thoughtful gift, you are a lovely dear person.
    Happy Birthday Polar Bear!

  3. That was perfect Lyn - you are an awesome lady!


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