Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wavin Flag

I love this new version of Canadian artist's K'Naan's song Wavin' Flag. A group of young Canadian artists got together, called themselves Young Artists For Haiti - and recorded Wavin' Flag to help keep the momentum for funds for Haiti alive. I had to share with you ... enjoy.


  1. It is great that so many countries singers are doing songs for Haiti. My only concern is what about the rest of the world. Don't get me wrong I have given to the Haitian fund. But the rest of the world is suffering to and yes Haiti is a poor country, but Chile isn't rolling in it. As for countries like Bangledesh....
    It's doing things like you are doing going to Africa that need to happen around the world.
    There will be roof on a school in Mozembique soon cause of bloggers I know.. There are toys in a nursey in Botswana for the same reason. The people that have need to spread it around and not give it all to one country. Particularly when you it was on the news yesterday that have the money collected for Somali has gone missing.
    oop seem to have gone off on one here. I'll go and get breakfast and sit quietly in the corner now!

  2. I agree Mandy that there is great need in so many places around the world ... as well as in our own countries. I just feel saddened when tragedies strike, the world gets hyped to help and then something new comes along to bump it off the radar.

    Haiti was suffering long before the earthquake and I think that ironically, the earthquake has presented a unique opportunity to rebuild Haiti better than it was -- to apply some serious resources to solve some root causes of the enuring poverty.

    What is important, is for us to something, somewhere. Now, out of the corner Mandy! : )


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