Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dream Pursuit

Dreaming ... there is something magical and exciting about wanting something so much you can taste it, and being in hot pursuit. That's hubby and I right now. The planets are aligning - we are of one heart and mind - and it is taking us where we want to go. We used to flirt with the idea of having a peaceful retreat ... I say flirt because it didn't seem practical or doable at the time. But experience has taught me that if you paint a clear picture, plant that seed of a dream deep in the belly of desire, hold faith in your heart, all things are possible - in their own time.

Hubby and I joined forces with this one and I feeling pretty unstoppable right now. Our dream popped into my mailbox last Friday night at about 11 pm. And when it did, I just knew it was the right one for us. I wanted to fly upstairs and lay it out for hubby, but I held off until morning.

S P O N T A N E O U S. We left Fritz with treats, stowed any reservations and hesitation we had, and went in hot pursuit of our dream. It was a day to remember and even though we are within tasting distance, I'll be just fine if this journey meets a bend in the road. The fun we have already had visualizing nights on the deck star gazing, snuggled around a campfire, canoeing around the islands, and chattering about the changes we would make have made it all worthwhile. Some people caution me to not get my hopes up, or get too excited just in case things don't work out. But I beg to differ. If the journey is the destination, then I  e n j o y  every leg of the journey ... the outcome is the icing on the cake.

No matter what, we're creating the life we want to live!


  1. Awesome! Follow your dreams ... life is short so live it all :)

  2. That sounds so exciting - I hope it works out! Dreams are so wonderful and I agree, always let yourself get excited!!

  3. I'm hoping and wishing and dreaming and believing right along with you!

  4. I so completely understand!!!! Our new property is scheduled to close on May 31. Both Jeremy and I are so excited and the process has been painless, no struggle at all which makes me believe that it is the right place and the right time. Wishing the same experience for you and yours!

  5. Fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! Hope every piece of the puzzle comes together beautifully for you! Can't wait to hear!! Love, Janine Xo


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