Friday, May 14, 2010

Notes from the Field

As I have mentioned before I am involved with the Women for Women International program as a sponsor. What started as mild interest in this organization has grown into full blown admiration and respect for the work they do.  And in the true spirit of blogging, I have been following their field blog to gain insights and a feel for the situations facing women in countries of conflict. I just have to share it with you: Notes from the Field.

As I scan the vivid images and read the personal, accounts and impressions from the field officers from Rwanda, the Congo and other places, my curiosity is roused and the desire to learn more is stoked. I think about my WFW sister Monica from the Sudan and I try to picture her sitting in one of the programs offered by WFW. I wonder how she is managing and what her worries are. Does she know that people care about her and the many others who have survived the effects of brutal conflict?  My next big adventure I think will be to Rwanda; I have much to learn and I want to do it first hand, up close and personal. I have to experience it for myself.

But for now, Notes from the Field will have to suffice. And aren't we fortunate to have access and insight that we wouldn't otherwise have - the power and the gifts of blogs. I honestly think they can help affect change in this world.

Take 61 seconds and become inspired and moved; watch this video:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to WFW International. Sounds like a truly inspiring organization worth checking out!


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