Thursday, May 13, 2010

Shocked and Crusty

Slightly shocked and kinda crusty .... that's me when it comes to the seemingly common sexualization of girls. Everywhere I look I am bombarded by images of young girls undressed in provocative adult clothing. When did the training bra get swapped out for "lingerie"? When did it become a badge of honour to proudly display our undergarments? And when did cleavage (and the ultimate push up bras it takes to create it) become a standard accessory? I get a knot in my stomach when I see mini-me stores like LaSenza Girl flogging sexy, scant clothing in cute little girl's sizes, perfect for clubbing. It's just wrong.

I like to think I am forward thinking, easy going and open minded but I hit a wall on the issue of teens dressing and acting  provocatively and overtly sexual. I think we have a generation being robbed of girlhood. What's the big rush? Having an eighteen year old in the house, I watch my share of MTV and other teen oriented shows like Gossip Girl and 90210, and I cringe at the sight of teens being portrayed as full on adults, in adult living situations. Kidlet still likes to watch Hannah Montana from time to time, but after seeing the newest Miley Cyrus video on YouTube, I couldn't help but wonder, 1) where are her parents?, and 2) what's the rush? She has her whole life to explore and express her sexuality, but for now she is just seventeen! I sound like a broken record these days as I overuse the phrase, "age appropriate". All things in their time.

When I was raising my girls I tried to give them enough latitude to express and be themselves, even if it meant fuchsia or blue hair, or a few random piercings. But we had boundaries. Basically they couldn't dress provocatively or in a way that would make them appear older than their years. But a trip to the mall or the nearest high school confirms it - we aren't in Kansas anymore. "Cover those babies up before you get a cold",  I don't scream. "Those stilettos are enslaving you, never mind that you are killing your back", I think but don't say. And of course, "your beauty does not reside in your boobs".

 So I guess it's official; I am getting old and crusty and am maybe slightly shocked. Just a little....


  1. I 100% agree. It's saddening and frustrating too. There doesn't seem to be any end in sight. When my girls were little i always felt like the minority. Even though it is hard, i still (like you) believe its worth it to stick to our guns.

  2. I totally agree with you. I, still being addicted to teen tv, watch Gossip Girl and for a while 90210 and swore my daughters would never watch that until they were 18. Since when is it ok for high school girls to be snorting coke - which is what happens in those shows. Never mind that they are all having sex and being hateful to each other. When I have children there will definitely be limitations (and quite possibly no tv!)!

  3. Old and crusty? Not at all. This 19 year old agrees with you completely.

    I had extremely mixed reactions to the new Miley video. Part of me automatically judged it as "adult work," completely separate from anything else she's done before, and the other part was repulsed by the fact that she's a kid sacrificing her youth and innocence at far too young an age.

    So, it was a great video...for someone 26. :/

    I was at the mall yesterday when I saw a little girl (couldn't have been more than 6 or 7) in a mini skirt and high heeled wedges. Call me crazy, but that's just ridiculous. The poor kid could barely walk.


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