Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simply Wonderful

What a spectacular Sunday! Temperatures soared above 25 degrees Celsius and the sun deked the splattering of gray overcast. I worked at a charity walk today to raise awareness of the impact of workplace injuries and fatalities ... a bittersweet event ... hope and exuberance tempered by an underlying sadness. Fulfilling.

As I drove up my street the happy bubbles were floating all over the car ... the apple blossoms were in full bloom and the humid air was heavy with their scent. Vivid greens, golds and fuchsia dotted the drive. Don't you think the first flowers of springtime are the best? After the dull browns and gray of a few spartan months, it is revitalizing to witness the return to life; everything awash in technicolour.

The icing on the cake was the bleeding heart in our back yard that was laden with "hearts". A walk about the garden and the pond - turning a blind eye to the healthy crop of dandelions - yields an instance dose of peace; the kind of peace that gives a stillness in the deepest part of myself. Nature has a way of doing that.

All in all - a Sunday to be appreciated and filed under "simply wonderful".


  1. Oh I'm coming over right now!
    It's a holiday weekend here, which automatically means it's gone back to being cold. Even had to put the heating on yesterday.
    So I just peer at the flowers through the window huddled up in two jumpers!

  2. It sounds lovely Lyn! it was beautiful here too, just over too quickly!


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