Friday, November 5, 2010

Fifty, Fabulous and Other F Words

I’m fifty, fabulous and fit ... or at least fitter.

Maybe it’s the endorphins from the exercise surging through my veins or maybe I am just plain happy – whatever the reason - I feel fantastic and inspired. It’s been a few weeks now of sticking to my decision to exercise every second day and I am feeling the results. Okay, truth be told I haven’t lost a pound – in fact I may have even gained a few. But hey, my rock solid, iron butt and cut arms must weigh more than the jiggles and jelly that it replaced. Maybe I am exaggerating just a little, but I swear my tummies are flatter – I can see my knees unobstructed.

I am having a love affair with my running shoes and I don’t shriek so loudly now when I catch an unexpected glimpse of myself in the mirror getting out of the shower. I can run longer without becoming breathless, I can breathe easier in clothes other than my sweat pants and I can almost do up my jacket.

Happiness is ... buying large sized Spanx to wear under my dress two weeks ago - and finding out that I don’t need them now!

Let’s celebrate the small victories.

After years of chomping on my fingers, I have stopped this disgusting habit and now have healthy looking fingernails. I have reduced the copious amounts of coffee I was drinking to one delicious, savoured cup a day. I am eating mostly things that are really good for me .... What? There are no healing properties in Snickers??

I deny myself nothing but my desire for things that pull me off my path to health has diminished. I want to live fully, actively for many years to come - to 107 to be exact. I want to live to hold my future family in my arms and teach them lies about their parents; I want to live to see Africa claim its power and give back to its people; I want to see women in half of the ruling positions in the world; I want to see a world united in a goal to surthrive. And I want to see my tribe expanded to include colour and rainbows.

If I don’t choose health and fit now – then when?

I am fifty and fabulous and I am working on FIT. And those are F words I can live with.


  1. That's so great! I am jumping back on the workout wagon myself - starting tomorrow. I reserved a bike in a spinning class. I am actually a bit terrified because those classes look so scary, but how bad can it be? I'm not actually going anywhere?

    Here's to healthy and happy!

  2. Yay! You go girl! I continue my fitness goals that I started in the spring and I have to say it is the best gift I have ever bestowed upon myself!

  3. How 'bout this: "FAR OUT!!" I know it kind of dates me,but it seems nonetheless, a Fine, Flattering, F-ing comment. BTW, as always, thanks for yours about having once also been the parent of an adult with problematic behavior. There's a support-group acronym in there somewhere but I haven't quite figured it out. Wait - Parents Of Problematic & Pesky Adults (POPPA?) OK I quit.

  4. YOu go girl!
    I'm fitter in my 50s then at any time in my life since being a child.
    Get your dance shoes on and boogie!

  5. i need to get a new pair because i very much "want to" start running with my and fit.

    hope you are well. thinking of you.

    one love.

  6. Glad you are loving it Lyn! We share the same F's ...
    Recently my run partner and I met at the usual time - in the POURING rain, we were soaked in minutes, and we continued ... through the thunder and lightning ... (a little faster at that point :0) Then we knew that we had gotten over the 'hump' that divides a chore and a pleasure ... sounds like you are almost there!


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