Sunday, November 21, 2010

Passages, Messages and Connections

Hard to believe a week has passed since my last post. Let me tell you, a lot of life can happen in a week.

In the last seven days I
  • travelled to the east coast for a rainy two days;
  • caught up with West Coast Cuz via phone chat marathon
  • talked wedding with MIH (about sis-in-law's upcoming nuptials)
  • spent an hour on Skype debating politics with my Dad (who is in Florida) and swapping weight woes with my step-mom; 
  • had dinner with Harmony (middle daughter) who made an impromptu visit in from the city;
  • made Kidlet tuna sandwiches like the "old" days (she was home again for the weekend);
  • conspired with Jilly to do something nice for our friend whose husband was sick with cancer;
  • made a call to my friend whose husband passed away (we're still going to do something nice);
  • caught up with friend for life Carman ...  to tell him the sad news.
East coast, west coast and south coast. Weddings and funerals. Family and friends. Life was the mighty agitator, swirling emotions, relationships, debates, passages and conversations into that uneven pathway that marks our journey. Did I mention I slept alot? Sometimes living can really make you tired!


  1. In the midst of life there is death, seems to some it up.
    What a week, hope you are okay with it all as it sounds both good and bad and definately overwhelming.

  2. Wow - sounds busy, sad, and happy. A good mix of everything although we can usually do without the sad. I hope you're getting a bit of rest. I went to Austin, TX for a week and just thought tired me out! Of course I have turkey thoughts, which is keeping me occupied! Have a great week.

  3. A charming woman is a busy woman.
    Per: Loretta Young


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