Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ready, Set, Snow!

What a wake up call -- brilliant sunshine reflecting off a blanket (albeit a thin one) of fresh snow. I like to think that maybe yesterday's Christmas decorating was the catalyst to this promising festive season. Hubby and I bundled up and braved the bitter wind to stroll the quaint shops of our main street. The shop keepers had pulled out the stops to create magic in their storefronts. To top it off, horse drawn wagons with a smiling Santa in the back were coaxing the merry out of even the Scroogiest.

The garlands are wrapped around the banister and the across the fireplace mantel and the tree is up and draped in every ornament collected or made over the past 25 years. We argue about who is allowed to hang what, which ornament was made by who, and when this one was added to the collection and how. It's a family tradition!

There is something so very satisfying and comforting in sitting back at the end of the day to admire the lights and soak up the peaceful beauty that is the very essence of our Christmas season.

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