Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Season Cheer and Jeer

I am a certified Christmas fiend. I love everything about the season -- the cheer, the tree, the traditions, family, the gift exchange, the turkey and stuffing. But my favourite part are the childhood memories that cascade with every trigger. Lucky for me, those memories spark joy and rekindle every fibre of happiness that was my world. Sadly, for many, Christmas is a struggle, a painful, lonely season. It may be that they have nothing to rekindle, or that they do not have loved ones to share the season with. Whatever the reason, I can see the sadness in the eyes of my colleague who has no plans for Christmas, and in my friend with the tiny family of elders who tries her best to ride out the holiday with as little drama as possible.

There are people with little or no families; who have suffered loss, who are struggling with illnesses or financial stresses. Mustering holiday cheer requires an effort of monumental proportion, if possible at all. I have seen this first hand in my circle of friends and family.

The magic in Christmas is created when the memories of Christmas' past merge with the present. If either versions are anything short of wonderful, there can be no magic. I realize that I have to be more sensitive to the feelings of others and not assume that everyone's reality matches mine. I can see that a big collective hug is in order to spread the love. How to put sparkle in saddened eyes and inject an inkling of joy to resigned postures of dread?

For me, Christmas cheer. For many, Christmas jeer. And I wonder ... how can I bring the magic to the people I care about?


  1. I wish you luck with your quest to cheer up those around you! I'm full of Christmas spirit as well and unfortunately none of my family or friends are. I've been struggling with ideas to bring a bit of happiness to them. We'll just have to wait and see now if I'm successful. :) Merry Christmas to you either way!

  2. I also love Christmas and agree with your idea of spreading the cheer. This year we will not be with family so our twosome has invited 'strays' for dinner - some friends and colleagues and neighbours who have no family near to come and share our dinner. I want to cook a big dinner and its hard to justify it for just me and my veggie dtr, so ... welcome strays!!

  3. I'm a lover of all things Christmas. And I see as you do the people around me who don't share my joy.For me the thing I can do is communicate, make those calls, visit, write give to the homeless. Whatever it takes to try and bring a smile however fleeting to someone else.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and great New Year.

  4. Well said, Lyn. I'm lucky enough to be of the Cheer variety...

    Hoping the cactus is OK!! And wow, how amazing to see minus 13 C on your car's dashboard (sweating here!!)


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