Friday, December 3, 2010

Season Opener

The Christmas season officially kicks off in our home tomorrow - a week later than usual. Kidlet is home for the weekend and in the morning, after a very good night's sleep, the transformation of our home will begin.

I will blow the dust off my Christmas CDs, and as the festive strains fill the air and camouflage the sibling squabbling (can't decorate the tree without the squabbles), the wreath will go up on the door, garlands will hung and the spicy warmth of cloves will seal the deal. I will snap shots of hubby joyfully wrestling with the tree lights and  of the girls posing with their Chrismukkah and Santa hats (we're a multi cultural tribe).

The Christmas cactus is heralding the onset of the festive season with a spectacular eruption of fuchsia blooms.

After the decorating cyclone has passed I will darken the room, flick on the Christmas lights and sit quietly in the corner comfy chair sipping a goblet of eggnog and rum -  and simply absorb the wonder.

The season will start with a pause before the games begin!


  1. Tis the Season.... Let the games begin and enjoy your family fun.
    Christmas cactus is AWESOME!

  2. I love this part of the season too:) Bit of a glitch getting started, but our tree will go up tonight. Decorating it is a family occasion, every single ornament tells a story and each story is fondly recalled as each is put on the tree - some of the stories are brief because there are alot of ornaments!! I also love sitting and gazing at the tree ... enjoy :)

  3. There is almost nothing better than the quiet time staring at the tree and just letting the season get into my bones in a good way, before the endless onslaught of shopping takes over!


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