Wednesday, January 19, 2011


You are a charmer - sometimes.
Inappropriate - at times.
Stubborn - always.
Complicated. Yup.

But you have soft blue eyes that belie your crusty outers.
And when you clench your loved ones tightly in hugs that sometimes go on just a little longer than is comfortable, your loveliness melts the crusty.

You are not one to chat on the phone - heck you hate picking up the receiver.
So when I get an early morning call from you wishing me well, or letting me know that you remembered,
it gets filed under special.

When you get married, no matter what people say, you marry the family. And although  we may have got off to a shaky start, we have grown on one another (I can tell). We're pals. We sing along to the same tunes - maybe not always in key (me) - but we sing all the same.

So today, on your birthday my dear sweet, pop-in-law, I wish you beautiful music and all the love you can handle. Thank you for being a bright spot, a twinkle in my life.

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  1. 'Pop-in-law' will be touched when I read this to him. You have captured his real 'essence' -- cause 'you get him'.


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