Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reclaiming Happy

My sister is a pretty woman. She is picture perfect most of the time - beautiful long blonde hair, fit, athletic body, wide eyes and a great toothy smile. She's had her challenges the past few years with times when it was tough to find reasons to smile.

She answered the door tonight wearing a full apron - and she never looked more beautiful. Her living room resonated with the laughter of her three children and the garlicky aroma of spaghetti sauce permeated the whole room. Her baby chicks were back in the nest, even if only for a night, and I could see contentment softening her jaw, unfurrowing her brow. She reveled in the peace of a full home bursting with love, and in the role of Mom who cooks awesome dinners for her loved ones. It was a throwback to happier, simpler times before she made the trudge through what seemed like endless hellish drama and complication.

I think she has finally emerged intact. Salad tongs in one hand, a glass of wine in the other and face aglow - she welcomed us into her home to celebrate her chicklet's birthday. You go girl ...

For me, it was a special treat to see my beautiful sister reclaiming her happy. And that made me happy.


  1. Sisters are just so important. It's good to hear that yours is in a better place.And to read the love you have for her pouring off the page.

  2. Oh lyn, I felt like I was looking in the mirror or back in my past. I am praying your sister has Left behind the drama and sadness, and yes, taking her happiness. I loved your description of this. Good luck to her, she sounds lovely, like you.
    Aren't sisters the best?

  3. Lyn....thank you for seeing the joy and happiness that has emerged from the darkness. The light at the end of the tunnel has know I am always happier when I am surrounded my family. I feel "normal" when I have my family over...celebrating important milestones, etc. Thank you for the kind words you. xoxo


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