Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peculiarly Circular

Life is peculiarly circular.

When we are born, we emerge from loins of pain, and similarly, when we exit we leave a labyrinth of pain for our loved ones to navigate.
We welcome triumphantly the birth of a new life, and we celebrate the life that has been lived, but is no more.

Tears, pain, and love in doses we can barely handle - at either end. Funny, similar, familiar feelings at polar opposite ends of the life spectrum.

Life is so peculiarly circular.


  1. Like the words say ( don't know where from)... You enter this life crying and you leave this life with everyone else crying.
    Which seems a life well lived to me.

  2. Yes. Well said. Maybe that's what all the crop-circle circlers are trying to tell us.


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