Saturday, February 26, 2011


There were about four inches of sparkles on the car when we came out of the movie -- the best kind of snow -- the kind that looks bedazzled with diamonds when the moonlight catches it. The world somehow seems hushed on a night like this, insulated by the thick blanket of snow. It makes me happy though. Even the act of sweeping off the car and scraping the ice from the windshield brings me joy. It's the best part of winter although my heart goes out to those who have to shovel it.

Hubby and I hadn't been to the movies in ages so we finally went to see The King's Speech. It didn't disappoint. The car slipped and slided along the unploughed roads; a winter wonderland. I drew a big happy face on hubby's buried car hibernating in the driveway. I added a big heart before I drew in one more gaze at the glistening diamond dusting before heading indoors.

It always comes down to the milliseconds of wonder at the simple things that deliver the happy. And for that I am truly grateful - and happy.


  1. Oh yes I so agree with your last paragraph Lyn. It is the simplist moments that make my heart sing and glad to be alive. This mornings was walking the dog, hearing the Church bells in the distance, hearing the birdsong beside me, feeling gentle rain on my face.... Lovely

  2. Lyn...Snow Lyn..I don't see any snow. What can you be talking about. Polar Bear

  3. Oh you make it sound just like it looks! so pretty. I love the cold (when you have the right clothes to keep warm).
    The King's Speech was the winner tonight!


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