Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I had a dream; a vision; but hopefully not one of the premonition kind. Last night I dreamed that I was HUGE.
I rolled over to the scale and when the numbers stopped jumping about, I was a clear fifteen pounds heavier. I was assaulted by a barrage of emotions – utter disbelief; what the f@#%! ; this is gonna look great in a bathing suit; I shouldn’t have had the bleeping carrot cake; why me Lord?.

I survived the assault and transitioned into remorse – not for eating the carrot cake – but for not appreciating the weight that I had been. Cause after a ten pound growth spurt, my former fighting weight didn’t seem nearly as bad as I generally feel about it.
Suffice to say when I awoke in a cold sweat after this HD wide screen technicolour, vivid dream, I was delighted to look down and see my feet. Eureka! My body seemed lighter and I practically floated over to the weigh scales.

Like numbers on a slot machine they rolled, scrolled and tumbled. ahhhhhhh. Familiar numbers; not as prime as I would like, but comforting just the same. So of course the moral of the nightmare story  is to be happy with myself cause it can always be worse! Of course it can be better too, so I will continue to "lunch" at my gym and keep "healthy" in my sight lines.

Note to self: Skip the nachos before bedtime!


  1. I look at old photos of me and think with sadness of all the wasted years thinking I was fat. I was then a size 12 ( don't know what that is in Canada) then and I'm still the same now. Just now I do know what middle age spread is truly about!

  2. Way to go Lyn ... your positive attitude will carry you through this stage too :)

  3. Can't say I've had this particular dream, but I've had one similar: I really hate that I'm out of shape, and when I go on exercise binges I have repeated dreams of not being able to run fast enough/lift enough/do other things. Usually I'm being chased around the wilderness by one wild animal or another. Once I couldn't pull myslef up to jump over a wall and escape a murderer.

    I think my brain is trying to motivate me in my sleep. I kind of wish it would give it a break...


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