Monday, March 14, 2011

Reflections of a Day Off

It was my scheduled day off. And that means:

I slept 
in an extra hour (rage against Daylight Saving Time), and then caught the CNN updates of the devastation in Japan from the comfort of my down duvet

I wore
flannel pj's for half the day, then dressed up in my Levis and flannel shirt for the second half

I drank
way too much coffee - but it was fair trade so I was just doing my part to support the cause

I did
dust, put my new washer to the test (just to hear it chime) and proofread Kidlet's paper

I got
an oil change -- not me personally, but Benzie did

I captured
pictures of women's shoes - so high that I am certain they should come with warning labels; and if they were required foot ware, they would be considered instruments of torture

I read
the April issue of my Science of Mind mag (I know, I skipped ahead a month - but this is a person who reads the last page of the book first)

I learned
about the Global Sisters Organization

I "followed"
on Twitter, @SudanSentinel that monitors the crisis in Sudan via satellite imagery AND
@TheElders, a group of eminent global leaders, convened by Nelson Mandela, to address the great global challenges of our time

I tweeted and retweeted
Do the kinds of things that come from the won't be dissatisfied,you'll be overwhelmed with what comes back.

Every day 25K+ girls <18 are married & face huge risks: death or injury due to early sex & childbearing. @TheElders

Mourn for sisters of Cote d’Ivoire killings; our mourning “must be tears of courage, tears of indignant” @Wipsenafrica

Good to know! RT @GlobalGiving #science alert: RT @palafo How a Reactor Shuts Down; What Happens in a Meltdown

I blogged
this post

I reflected
on the unthinkable struggles unfolding around the globe ... massacre of the peaceful women protesters in Cote d'Ivorie; the violence and political struggles in Libya; the ongoing struggles in Haiti; and of course the recent earthquakes, tsunami, and now nuclear crisis in Japan. Prayers and affirmations.

I wish
I hadn't eaten all the cashews yesterday ...

I am
contented, pensive, and grateful -- and sleepy.

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  1. Beauty-full post, Lyn. I could feel the contentment. I so love just such a day. Thank you, btw, for your words of encouragement. xo


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