Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Give a Little Late

Kiva - loans that change lives

With all my business travel last week and family stuff I missed making my Thursday "give a little" donation. I finally did it yesterday by making my 24th Kiva loan of $25. Kiva makes small loans to people all over the world to help them lift themselves out of poverty and fulfill their dreams. In all the years I have been involved with Kiva, I have never had a loan default, even though many of the loans were made to people in high risk, volatile regions such as the Sudan, Congo and Afghanistan.

Kiva is one of the most fulfilling experiences in giving I have had. It really isn't giving at all ... it is investing in human potential. Better late than never!

Read about my Thursday's Give a Little Challenge. I have to give ongoing props to Wendy Smith for her inspiring book, Give a Little. Give it a read.


  1. Good for you! People like you really are rare jewels in the world, keep up the great work!!


  2. I LOVE Kiva - it's such an amazing organization. I love your Give a Little idea, it's really refreshing. And thank you so much for considering making my TNT part of your program. That means so much to me. You are a special person!


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