Thursday, April 7, 2011

Give a Little

It's been five weeks now, this weekly giving. And when I started out to give $5 a week I was a little concerned that it was going to be tricky to keep the commitment. Funny thing is, the $5 turned into $10 and I haven't felt anything but satisfaction. In fact, it's been completely painless.
This week I am donating to the foundation of one of my heroes -- Stephen Lewis. This former UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa has dedicated his life to fighting for victims of HIV and AIDS in Africa. I booked him as a speaker a few years back and he had his buttoned down, conservative, business audience in tears and jumping to their feet with his eloquent delivery and impassioned plea to help in the fight of the AIDS Pandemic.

His outrage at the world's (and the UN's) lack of response to the pandemic has recently expanded to outrage against rape as a weapon of war. He is using his voice to cry out - to demand that we stop the systemic use of rape and violence against girls and women across the globe.

He is a living example of someone who is committed to improving the human condition and that, combined with the inspiration he instills makes him a hero in my book.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation works to ease the suffering associated with HIV/Aids in Africa by funding grassroots projects. The foundation supports community-based organizations working to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa, providing care to women who are ill and struggling to survive; assisting orphans and other AIDS affected children; reaching heroic grandmothers who almost single-handedly care for their orphan grandchildren; and sustaining associations of people living with HIV and AIDS.
My Give a Little Challenge 
I emerge from my haze of of procrastination, clear, inspired, and ready to act. Give a Little has inspired me to do just that ... give a little, every week. Every Thursday I will seek out an organization or cause that strives to make a lasting impact or sustainable change and donate $10.00. I will be counting on my blogger community for suggestions! You can read about the other projects that have inspired me to give a little.

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I have to give ongoing props to Wendy Smith for her inspiring book, Give a Little. Give it a read.


  1. What a great idea Lyn! I love the thought of giving on a weekly basis. I thought of an organization up your alley - my friend/coworker volunteers for an HIV/AIDS camp called Camp Dreamcatcher for kids infected and affected by HIV. She loves it and volunteers as a camp counselor every year. The address is:

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Kattrina. I will definitely add it to the list.


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