Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blurry, Busy But Bountiful

The last few days have been a blur ...
trips to to the airport arrivals, phone calls and reconnections, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, treats shopping, and haircuts.

Kidlet moved home from university, I flew back from Vancouver and Harmony came home for the weekend. The house looks like it barfed up clothes. Unpacking and packing. What a mess! Laundry awaits --- and awaits.

Hubby got outfitted for our upcoming family wedding in a tropical location and packing is underway. Packing for the trip and I haven't unpacked from the other yet.

My step-mom flew home with our beloved Doris and my dad drove back from Florida by himself. Doris had another detour -- this time she tested our Canadian health care. They told us she looks OK -- and that she doesn't look 93. She smiled sweetly and my step-mom exhaled -- finally.

Everyone is back home safe and sound and the nest overfloweth. The turkey is taking a soak in the kitchen sink for the final thaw; the cupcakes are iced (I think I am in sugar shock) and the house is a big mess.

And tomorrow is Easter Sunday. For our family it means a gathering of the clan; the first that will include our beloved snowbirds since Christmas. The house is vibrating gently with the energy of my three girls, the dog is snoring somewhat quietly and hubby is upstairs. It's been a blur but now, in this quiet hour, in the calm, all is well with the world. Wishing you all a happy Easter or Passover - and if you don't celebrate either of those --- enjoy the rest of the weekend.

NOTE: I haven't forgotten about my Thursday Give a Little -- I just wasn't available to blog about it so it will be deferred somewhat. 


  1. Happy Easter to you and all your loved ones. So lucky to have your girls home!!

  2. Love how you express yourself, "the house looks like it barfed up clothes." Very clever!!


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