Friday, April 1, 2011

Ramping Up for Tea

It's just after 10 am and I am putting my day off to good use. I am throwing a bridal tea on Sunday for my sis-in-law and there are miles to go between then and now. I can stroke the following off the TO DO list:

Laundry done and folded in the basket, awaiting delivery.
Coffee cake and brownies baked. Tried to lift the coffee cake out of the pan too early, needless to say I will be serving it pre-sliced!
Kitchen cleaned. Not a chance, but I licked my fingers clean.
Dishwasher running. Thank goodness for electrical appliances.
Baking bowls and pans soaking in the sink.

Platters pulled out, centrepieces made, now just TO DO:

  • shower
  • buy flowers and corsage
  • go to bakers for thinly sliced bread for tea sandwiches
  • clean the house - hide the clutter : )
  • buy and wrap the prize gifts
  • wrap the shower gift
  • bake the tart shells
  • count the shells (for the guessing game)
  • ice the cupcakes
  • boil the eggs and make the sandwiches (this will have to wait until Sunday morn)
  • and just a few other things. 
I love entertaining although I haven't done a shower in a while. For myself (my own wedding/pregnancies), it is a well broadcasted fact that I hate them am not a fan. But as hypocritical as it is, I love throwing and attending them and enjoy celebrating happy events. I do not enjoy sitting in a circle, tea cup in lap and pencil in hand filling out "quizzes" etc for games. I am far too impatient for that. I think I project my own dislike onto these events because lately when I have expressed  my utter disdain for these frolics, I have been met with wistful eyes and quiet well, I like them's. I am just weird, what can I say. So I have come up with some simple little ways to give prizes - thus the seashells. 

The theme is high tea with a beachy cottage feel. Rustic versus refined. I have to do what I know best. Not to worry though, there will be cutlery and napkins and lots of tasty goodies.They may not look polished but they will be yummy and definitely homemade! You may even spot a finger print or two. (If the icing goes badly -- there's a bakery up the street).

Now the first thing I have to do is -- get off this computer. Time is a wasting. 


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! even though alot of work, somehow it always comes together! enjoy!

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  2. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks so much for checking in, I know I kind of fell out of the blogosphere. Things are going well, I'm half way done. My next big hurdle is coming in just a few months (September). I'm really exicted that the PhD is progressing as well as it is; unfortunately, however, it means I don't have a lot of time for extra curricular writing/reading. I hope to take a bit of time this next week to get caught up.

    I see you've been a busy woman...I've got a lot of reading to do and I definitely look forward to it.


  3. Was thinking about ya today and hoping your long list was dwindling and your spirit a-rising.... Looking forward to 'high tea' and fun time together. Thanks for being hostess #1 for us all.

  4. I love showers for other people too! I felt like my bridal shower was a bit awkward for me...felt kinda weird being the center of attention. However, I don't mind running the parties. We had a high tea theme for my sister's baby shower. It was a lot of fun. We gave away tea cups and saucers as favors and I still have and use mine. I love them!


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