Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tonight's the Night

I just couldn't resist showing off the pics I took at the Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart concert Saturday night. Aside from the woman sitting/standing/floating/jerking/dancing in the "seat" in front of me (who hubby was sure was having a seizure) and the lady behind me who decided that the middle of Stevie Nick's Landslide tender ballad was the perfect time to phone her daughter to urge her (loudly over the music) "listen -- can you hear it??? It's Landslide - my favourite song", the concert was simply fantastic. Of course I looked back at that lady wishfully -- thinking that it was one of my favourite songs too, and I would LOVE to hear it!

Stevie still has the goods. She is beautiful, ethereal and has an intimate way of engaging the audience. The stadium shrinks and she is front and centre, her husky, distinctive voice luring you in as she twirls and swirls around the stage. I loved her final number -- a new cut called Love is ... and if seizure girl in front had stopped gabbing with her girlfriend for but a moment, I may have heard the whole song. Why do people go to a concert if they have no intention of listening to the music?

The curtain dropped and when it went up, it was a whole new world. Tonight's the Night hit the speakers and out he pranced -- in a canary yellow jacket -- belting out his hit as the audience endeavored to drown him out. It was hit after hit and Rod Stewart seemed to be genuinely enjoying the crowd as they sang along. For me it was a flash back in time as the music of my teen-aged years triggered memory after memory. Funny how music can do that ... put you right back to the scene of the crime. The concert was hubby's birthday gift to me and it was a magical night. I sang my heart out, shed a tear or two and at the end of it all, I left feeling completely satisfied and contented and humming, "you're in my heart, you're in my soul ...".
Thanks Hubby.


  1. Boo to the lady with the phone! I love Landslide too, and can imagine your frustration. I'm glad you still had a great time! And got some great photos! :)

  2. how wonderful, happy birthday lyn!
    love the photo of you two!

  3. awesome pictures / awesome night .. 'Every day counts'


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