Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Travelling Pants ... But Not if I Don't Find Them

I just managed to devour every jelly bean in the candy dish -- almost. The bottom of the dish is covered with the cast off black beans. I'm hardly in the mood for the strong taste of licorice. I have organizing and packing to do, bills to pay and passports to find. Our flight to the Mayan Riviera leaves in eleven hours.

Hubby and I are off to my sister in law's destination wedding. It will be a welcomed change and will help usher in summer. Rummaging through orphaned summer clothes to decide what to throw in the suitcase; searching for the bottom half of my bathing suit that is MIA; and writing my final post - all in preparation for our vacay.

One sideways glimpse of my legs show they are still a whiter shade of pale despite my daily methodical application of Dove self tanner and I have to give myself a DIY pedicure to somehow disguise the hobbit feet and to top it off, I am about to spend 5 days showing off bits and parts that oughta be kept under wraps. Where are those full coverage bathing suits when you need them? Hubby says they are called wet suits!

Enough whining and complaining  ... it's all good! At the very least I will be more buoyant! Have to get to it so I can get a few hours sleep before we depart. Smyles and chuckles to you all.


  1. OMG have a safe trip and take tons of pictures, I can't wait to hear all about the trip when I get back to month left...but who's counting!? Oh wait...I am lol and in a good way no worries!

    Have a safe flight :)


  2. Vacation - love it!! Hope you have a wonderful time, Mexico beaches sound amazing from my windowless office!

  3. Hope you guys are having a fabulous time! :)


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