Thursday, May 26, 2011

Give a Little Safety Net Against Malaria

Kidlet is on a mission trip in the DR right now and she is finding the heat and humidity close to unbearable. She doesn't do so well with heat - must be all that ice hockey she played. And when some rainfall finally comes to offer some much needed relief from the heat, it's an open invitation for mosquitoes. Lucky for her, she has a treated mosquito bed net with her to protect her from the bite -- and potentially -- malaria.

This week for my Give a Little commitment and in honour of Africa Day - May 25th - I donated to Spread the Net, the Canadian campaign to raise funds for and awareness of the prevention of malaria. They work with partners on-the-ground in Africa to purchase and distribute bed nets to some of the most malaria endemic countries in Africa.

It amazes me that a $10 piece of netting can be the simple but effective solution to protecting people, especially children, from contracting a deadly disease. It was a small gift, but one that can make a big impact - and perhaps save a life. Tonight when I go to bed in a comfortable bed, swaddled in covers in a cool, mosquito-free room, I will give a silent prayer of gratitude.
Read about my Thursday's Give a Little Challenge and other posts. I have to give ongoing props to Wendy Smith for her inspiring book, Give a Little. Consider giving it a read.


  1. When I was in Honduras bed nets were my lifesaver! Not only did they keep out mosquitoes, but they also kept me safe from scorpions and big hairy spiders (that I often found crawling on the outside of my net). However, I was the only person who used a mosquito net - all the locals viewed them as something for babies and once kids reached walking age the nets disappeared. It was definitely sad because there was a lot of malaria where I was and I never understood why people wouldn't use their nets when they were readily available. I guess it was the same as trying to get people to wear seat belts or bike helmets and such - people easily cast off things that may save their life because they are a nuisance (nets make you hotter because they "enclose" you in - which was slightly true but didn't bother me, and they are also a pain to get in and out of).
    I love seeing all the new places you donate to!

  2. you are always so socially conscious. i welcome you as a breath of fresh air.

    one love.


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