Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Day

Today is going to be a good day. I can just feel it. It started with this morning when I made it to the car without having to dash back inside for something I forgot (like my lunch, keys, phone, purse, my mind ... you get the picture...). Then I found a loonie glistening near the gas petal, so I was assured of a morning drive thru (and a large double cream, single sugar) at the local Tim Hortons. If I'd had any cash on me I would have paid it forward in the drive thru line. next time   It's that kind of day.

The sun was blinding and warm on the face despite the 9 C temp. It's been a long time coming, this gorgeous sunshine. Everything is finally starting to dry out after weeks of relentless rain and thunderstorms. This is the weather we Canadians fantasize about during the dark, frigid months of winter hibernation.

Today I am embracing the light! And it is embracing me right back, bringing out my best intentions and making me feel like today - everything is possible! We'll find out --

On a completely different note: I have a pedometer strapped to my pants as part of our healthy workplace program. We are divided into teams to walk as much as possible and then log the steps. We're a competitive bunch my colleagues and I my boss and I just had a "stand up" walking meeting in her office (we're on different teams). She worked up quite a sweat and had to remove her jacket. I figure if I walk as much as I talk - and even as fast - we've got it sewn up. It's game on!!


  1. What's a loonie?
    And a walking contest at work??? That sound so awesome. What fun!! I wish we did things like that at work, it would be really fun. I hope your day is wonderful!

  2. Kattrina - a loonie is Canada's $1 coin (it has an impression of a loon on it). We call our $2 coin a "toonie".

  3. I'm glad that question was asked. A loonie in the UK is a nut job!So it took me a while to try and understand the sentence!

  4. Yes, I was wondering about the loonie too (crazy person) near your gas petal. :)

    It just stopped snowing here about a week ago, so I too am enjoying the sunshine & warmer temps. I started walking 5x a week last Aug and cannot believe how much better I'm feeling - good for you for finding ways to get in some exercise while at work!!!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend, Lyn!

    ~ Zuzu


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