Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh Happy Days

The days roll by and suddenly five days have passed since my last post. It's  been busy - life; living. Hubby and I headed up to our cottage to watch Miami Vice -- I mean, enjoy the great outdoors. To minimize the risk of boring you to tears, here's the Reader's Digest version of the past little while:
  • Doris is test driving a senior residence, trying it on for size while Dad and T are in Florida for a quick visit. Popped by to have lunch with her and the rest of the golden silver girls in the new digs. Hardest choice of the day --- strawberry pie or chocolate cake. Doris had both! She sent me off with a huge lump in my throat as she stood in the window waving goodbye.
  • Highlight of the  hour trek to the cottage was seeing a very large huge black bear on the side of the highway AND then a very Canadian beaver swimming in the swamp right beside the dirt road leading to our place. I swear I heard him humming the national anthem. Or maybe it was the hummingbirds we heard; we saw dozens of them all weekend. Night of woodland wildlife ended with the bandit raccoon rearranging the furniture on the deck.
  • Awoke to thunder storms that lasted all day - thus the Miami Vice marathon, copious amount of tea, and cosy fire. I also finished my book, Letters to my Daughters.
  • Sunday was just that -- sunny, hot and perfect! Kidlet arrived back safe and sound from the Dominican Republic and popped by the cottage. I didn't swim but I reveled in the sunshine and stillness of the lake. I snapped a nice shot of the HUGE dock spider that has taken up residence in the leaky punt.
  • I didn't make my weekly donation due to time restraints so this Thursday will be a double whammy. Suggestions?
  • Monday night I sprung Doris and we headed to the Dairy Queen (my nickname when I was nursing) for some grill and chill; I did the "grill" with a burger and Doris did the "chill" with a butterscotch sundae.
  • I received my new solar lantern from OneMillionLights,org and just in time! I apparently left my keys in the ignition (just shoot me now) and my lights on???? What the heck?! Anyway our flashlights are all at the cottage and hubby couldn't see to hook up the charging cables soooo we used our solar lantern to light the way. Life is funny ...
So that is it in a nutshell: I am losing my mind but thankfully retaining all of my belly fat (God forbid I should lose any of that),  am still pinching myself in disbelief at my good fortune to have a little piece of paradise and am looking forward to the summer ahead.

A few visuals in case you just want to skip the verbose descriptions:

Hubby - labour of love
Supervisor Fritz

View from the deck
Dock spider ... relative of Charlotte?

Rocking my TOMS on the dock.
New solar lantern from OneMillionLights.org

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  1. I enjoyed every bit of this Lyn, a bear, wow! Daughter home safe, bless. And you are such a cute couple! But that spider, good god!!! Is that how they grow em up there?!


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