Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Uninterrupted

So it's been a week since my last post, but don't be fooled - the last seven days have been bursting and stuffed full of living.

Kidlet started her internship at our favourite change making organization which translated into calls about the transit routes, emails about her first impressions and laments about how she they could give her more and better things to do. Regardless, I think there is lots to be learned by working an eight hour day with an hour commute to boot!

My two amigas joined me mid week at the cottage for some girl time. Hubby sent me a screen shot of the weather forecast for Wed through Sat showing rain and thunderstorms each and every day with a note saying he hoped it would change. It didn't.

All plans of us dockside slumped in Muskoka chairs, cold beverages in hand soaking up the sun were dashed! Thankfully my gal pals are their own bundle of sunshine so we made good use of our time out. We chatted the damp out around a cosy fire; we cooked delicious, elaborate meals (risotto is a decadent time sucker) and munched on fresh fruit. Best of all -- we laughed until our sides hurt.

With the girls' departure came hubby and the new dock for the cottage. The rest of the weekend was spent connecting the dock to the ramp to the shore. The scent of the cedar was strong and fresh, a testament to its newness. Throw in a couple of Muskoka chairs and the scene was set for the summer, and  I predict many hours of leisure will be spent on that dock.

Hubby and I sat on the dock last night just as the sun was setting. It was still overcast and misty but the rain had relented for a few hours. We watched a family of beavers, our new neighbours, swim about full of purpose. We heard the haunting calls of the loons and saw the blue herons take flight. We marveled at our good fortune to have these fleeting, precious moments immersed in nature - weather be darned!

This morning as we packed up the tools and readied the cottage for lock up, the sun appeared in all her glory. She was a convincing hostess so we stayed an extra hour to enjoy her company.

So I am back to the city after a peaceful mini vacay ready to face the week ahead: we are celebrating my niece's university graduation; we are moving our 98 year old grandmother to a new home; and my far away sister is coming down to be with us as Dad is has his spine operated on. We'll fit working in and amongst the important life stuff. Celebration, change, transformation and family -- that is what this week will be about. And before I fall asleep tonight, I will think to myself, Life is good.


  1. Wow! What a great week you had!!

  2. indeed. sending you lots of love, my friend.

    beautiful captures.

  3. I saw this past post pop up in your widgets beneath your current post and I clicked/reminisced back. In reading, I also noted we were about to move mom to Georgetown. Thank goodness I had that year! How quickly the year flew....You have a new summer ahead and lots more good times to come....


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