Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fast Food

First day back at work after a few days off and surprise, surprise ... it was a little hectic. I finally surrendered to the 33 degree Celsius heat on the way home and turned on the air conditioning. It was already past 6 pm when I rolled through the door with a growling commotion in my tummy. A quick inventory of the fridge and cupboards confirmed my shopping neglect. I bypassed the canned maple beans and resisted the grilled cheese sandwich option. I wanted a healthy dinner, and I wanted it NOW.

I found some frozen mahi mahi fillets and fired up the BBQ. A sifting mission in the veggie drawer produced 3 asparagus spears, half a red pepper, some baby carrots, a thick slice of yellow pepper, an onion and some cherry tomatoes. I tossed them with olive oil, sea salt, basil, fresh ground pepper and a splash of lemon juice. I rubbed the frozen fillets with olive oil and Cajun spicing. The box had promised a cooking time of 14 minutes. After 5 minutes of prep time and 15 minutes cooking time I had a delectable, healthy dinner.  The 1 minute microwavable rice completed the plate. It was a little gift I gave myself - a relaxing wind down from a busy day. And I think I'm worth the effort.

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