Monday, July 4, 2011

Sun, Fun and Dragonflies

After a nightmarish few days, we were blessed with the gift of two perfect days. Truly, they couldn't have been more perfect, with deep blue skies, brilliant sunshine, high temperatures but no humidity. Once we knew that Dad was being moved off the Intensive Care Unit and scheduled to return home by Monday, Hubby and I took a few days at the cottage. I slept more than 9 hours straight and spent the bulk of the day dockside, swimming in our lake, reading my latest find - An Imperfect Offering, and leaning back in the  zero gravity chair that MIH gave us.

When I am totally relaxed with my mind emptied (as much as it can be) my senses become heightened; the world blazes in technicolour and every sound is significant. As I lazed back in my chair, breathing deeply and slowly, I heard a loud buzzing. The dragonflies were at it. One pair decided that my leg was the ideal romantic setting to procreate. Others were persistent visitors, landing often on hubby's shiny head making it look like he was wearing a colourful hair clip.

That dock time was as close to blissful as it could be. I reveled in the heat and deep calm I felt as my body and mind decompressed. Gratitude is what I am feeling; for the perfect days with my hubby, but mostly for the safe return of my Pops. Life just doesn't get any better than that!
Ahhhh ... our trio, dockside soaking it all up.

Fritz was played out after his frolics. What a tough life he leads.


  1. I feel the serenity and peacefulness. So happy to hear YOU exhale DIH! And, as always, love the photos!

  2. Glad you found some time to relax and rediscover peace. That zero gravity chair sounds amazing!


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