Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to Business

It's way past my bedtime; I have to be up tomorrow morning at 5:30 but I am clinging to the last few threads of vacation. It was a wonderful 9 days spent at the lake trapping mice, chasing Fritz and bathing at the dock. It took a few days to get my knickers unknotted and totally unwind and relax. But it wasn't long before I adjusted to the new rhythm of life at the cottage - waking up after sunrise and after the smell of coffee brewing permeated the room, deciding whether to drink that coffee on the deck or the dock, with the toughest decision being what swimsuit to wear. And did I mention the perfect, pristine weather of sunny days, high temps and cool nights and absolutely no humidity.

Ah yes - it was grand indeed. And now I am home, tan lines intact, laundry done, lunch for tomorrow made and ready to face the week ahead. When we pulled away up the rustic pathway that we call the cottage road, away from the peace and tranquility of our special hideaway I had that fleeting moment of disbelief that this dream of ours is real, and that I am so very fortunate to live it.

So to end this vacation week on a high note, I will close with a note of gratitude for these precious days of relaxation and also for a job I love so much.

And I wish all my blogger friends peace wherever you may be.


  1. Always a sham when holidays end! ♥

  2. Welcome home - fresh, relaxed and renewed.


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